Friday, May 10, 2013

Covers/Tracklists for some mixes

Not very exciting but I like to make half-assed covers/tracklists for my mixes.

Here are the the covers for Crystal Tokyo, Canada Line and Silver Millennium Line:

Old Mixes up on Mixcloud

Finally got around to putting up more of my old mixes on which is a great audio streaming site.
I figured I should probably do it now rather than later.
The following mixes are now available here

Trance Mixes
Crystal Tokyo
Moonlight & Rain
Trancient Moonscapes
Silver Millennium Line ~A Night In Crystal Tokyo~ (most recent)

House Mixes
Canada Line

I do have another mix that I completed a while back but never published because I couldn't decide on the final song to close out the set.  Maybe I'll just upload both versions soon, haha.

Anyway, hope you being able to stream the mixes now, I don't really have any new mixes in the works.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Silver Millennium Line also on mixcloud!

Short post... self-explanatory.  My latest mix Silver Millennium Line is also on mixcloud.  I intend to put my earlier mixes (Crystal Tokyo, Moonlight & Rain, Trancient Moonscapes) on there sometime so everyone can enjoy them.

Monday, December 12, 2011

New Mix: Silver Millennium Line ~A Night In Crystal Tokyo~

I finally, really did it!
Truth be told this mix has been complete and sitting on my hard drive since Spring 2011, but I'm somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to my mixes... and I'm also quite lazy. In English/Writing/Editing classes they always tell you it's best to review and edit your work after you've left it alone for a while, also it's good to get some second opinions. While I did get some feedback from a small circle of friends who got to listen to it early, frankly most of them shrugged and said "it sounds ok."
So anyway, here it is, listen to it on SoundCloud, give me your thoughts, share it with friends, let the world know I'm not dead. Sometime in 2012 I'll make the mix downloadable.
Tsushima Masaki - Silver Millennium Line ~A Night In Crystal Tokyo~ by Tsushima Masaki

Monday, June 06, 2011

New trance mix should be coming out sometime this year

I've begun working on a new trance mix... my first attempt at mixing trance since Trancient Moonscapes in 2003.

I'll keep you guys posted.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chaptered versions of Crystal Tokyo and others...

So... remember that post long ago when I said I'd make available m4b versions of Crystal Tokyo, Moonlight & Rain and Trancient Moonscapes? Well now I finally delivered!

Crystal Tokyo
Moonlight & Rain
Trancient Moonscapes

Q. So what's the point of these new files?
A. If you happen to have an iPod Touch (like me) or an iPhone, you'll be able to skip through the different songs in the mixes. No more trying to remember "now what time does Salt Tank - Eugina (Michael Woods Remix) play at?"


Now on Twitter...

So I'm now on twitter... I don't really think being on there or not will make a difference but whatever. I'm @TsushimaMasaki

I guess I'll be using it to update you on new mix developments... whenever those happen, ahaha.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Canada Line 2010 ~Olympic Gold Edition~

OK, so after fighting off urges to add more tracks yet again to this mix, I've forced myself to leave this mix alone forever. If I do add more songs, it will be because I'm making a new mix.

The title was inspired of course by Canada's gold medal performance during the Winter Olympics (I'm Canadian). Actually I happen to live right in Richmond, where the long track speed skating events took place and I was 30 minutes away from Downtown Vancouver so I definitely felt the Olympics. I'll also be feeling the heavy bill our city and country will have to be picking up for this 17 day party too...

So anyway here we have my longest mix yet clocking in just under 100 minutes and 18 songs. This is (Deep) House/Nu Jazz, not my usual trance mix.

I usually make these mixes for travel purposes, so if you have long commutes or travel times, I hope this mix eases you through them.

There are two versions, an mp3 version and an m4b version. The m4b version is for people who happen to have iPod touches/iPhones that support chapters, that way you can skip the start of every track within the mix!

So tell me what you think, if I should continue mixing this style of music or if I should go back to good ol' Trance.

Also... let me know what your favourite track was.

mp3 / cuesheet

m4b (chapters for iPod touch/Iphone)

1. DJ Kawasaki - The Galaxy
2. FreeTEMPO - Romance (April Set HBD Mix)
3. Masayoshi Minoshima - The Flower : Like The Fantasy
4. Jazztronik - Rita
5. Ginrei - Esquisse
6. Koda Kumi - Sora (Yukihiro Fukutomi Remix)
7. FreeTEMPO - Symmetry (Sound Around Remix)
8. Favretto feat. Anjee - Love's Theme (Love's Theme vs. Summernights House Mix)
9. Ryo Watanabe - Stargaze
10. Fantastic Plastic Machine - Love Is Psychedelic (Full Spoken Mix)
11. Studio Apartment feat. Terrance Downs - We Are Lonely (Studio Apartment Original Mix)
12. Akitaka Tohyama - Liquid Soul
13. Satoru Kosaki - Touch and Go
14. nomad foundation - When a love walk in
15. Studio Apartment feat. Stephanie Cooke - One True Love (Studio Apartment Original Mix)
16. Jazztronik - Nanairo
17. Studio Apartment feat. Chieko Kinbara, Shihoko Hirata - Life From The Sun
18. Lena Fujii - I Thought It Was You

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Canada Line 2010

So I went ahead and did it... I was looking at my music collection and adding new songs to it when some of them really jumped out and said "this should have been in Canada Line!"

So what did I do? I re-recorded Canada Line to include these songs. Right now I've sent out a pre-release version to a couple of friends to get some feedback. I'll release a final version once I'm satisfied.